Breathe new life into your home with

WeatherClad 21

It’s no secret Lockwood homes are built to last. You will find many original Lockwood homes built decades ago tucked in neighborhood’s all across the country that still look amazing inside and out. Some of these homes are as original as the day they were built and some have been updated with modern upgrades.

Depending on the atmospheric conditions associated to the location and maintenance upkeep, the exterior aluminium cladding can reach an age when it really needs some TLC beyond that of a re-paint – and this is where we can help.

We can over-clad your Lockwood home with a unique, low maintenance, powder-coated aluminium weatherboard system called WeatherClad 21.

This over-clad system has been specifically designed to match the existing profile of the original Lockwood wall and will make your home look like new again.

Why consider over-cladding with WeatherClad 21?

The WeatherClad 21 sheathing and profile system has been used in the construction of over 1100 homes in all climate and wind zones throughout New Zealand as well as in the construction of Lockwood homes and buildings in many Pacific Island nations.

In these conditions the WeatherClad 21 exterior sheathing and profile system, in conjunction with the WeatherClad 21 detailing, has been shown to perform exceptionally well.

WeatherClad 21 meets the performance criteria of Clause E2 of the NZ Building Code. Talk to your local Lockwood Contractor about over-cladding with WeatherClad 21 today.